Meg Burns Meghann Burns loves to move and yoga has been an outlet so much more expansive for her than other types of athletic endeavors. Along with the evolution of her asana practice has come the tuning in to the mind and subtle body. This has helped her to articulate movements that are not part of linear day-to-day activities. She looks to explore this range of movement in her classes – her teacher Shiva Rea and her anatomy teacher Tom Myers influence much of her teaching. However she enjoys all styles and teachers this practice has to offer – all of which create an amazing tool box for her to build her classes from. She had been teaching in the Boston area since 2008 and practicing there since 2001. In 2013 she and her husband relocated their family back to their hometown of Syracuse. She brings with her the influence of so many of the wonderful teachers Boston has to offer, and it is her hope to deliver a challenging but nurturing experience for every practitioner.