Gazella is now using an electronic booking system powered by Mind Body.  So … how does it work and where do you start???

Step 1 – CLICK HERE to be directed to the Gazella Training Mind Body site.

Step 2 – Sign Up.  If you are new to the Gazella Mind Body site, enter your first and last name into the “new to our site.”   Here there are two potential options – either your name is already listed, in which case click “This is Me” or you can create a new account. Either way you will be prompted to enter additional information to finalize your account.  If you plan to pay by credit card, you can go ahead and enter that information as well and it will be stored in a secured area for future purposes.

Step 3 – Navigate the site.  Take some time to become familiar with the site and the services offered.  Here’s what you will find under each tab:

  • Classes:  Includes a schedule of all fitness and yoga classes as well as Team Gazella training sessions with class reservation links.  You may view all upcoming classes, or sort by date, type of class or instructor.  If you click on the class name, you will see the class description.  If you click on the instructor name, you will see the instructor profile.
  • Workshops/Class Series: Includes a schedule of all upcoming workshops and class series, including Introductory Classes.
  • Appointments: Includes appointments available for personal training, small group training and private coaching.
  • Online Store: Lists all of the services/pricing options available for purchase online.

Step 4 – Register for Classes.  Once you have viewed all of the options, you can go ahead and register.  Register for fitness and yoga classes and Team Gazella training sessions on the Classes tab and Class Series and Workshops on the Workshops/Class Series tab.  You can then view your upcoming reservations under the My Info/My Schedules tab.

Step 5 – Payment.  If you have not yet paid, you will be prompted for payment.  For registrations made online, payment is required to finalize the booking.  For classes, you will be given the option to purchase a drop-in, class pass (5, 10 or 20) or unlimited membership (fitness only, yoga only or combo fitness & yoga; 1 month or 3 months).  If you prefer to pay in person (by cash, check or credit card), you may do so at the studio prior to your first class.  You can then make reservations for future classes online.  For those of you new to Gazella, you also have the option of purchasing our Introductory Offer of Any 3 Classes for $25.

Step 6 – Come to the studio for class and check-in.  Once you have completed your class registrations online, then all what you need to do when you get to Gazella is quickly check-in.  If you have not made an advance reservation, then you can sign up at the studio, subject to availability.  This will take a little extra time, so if possible, please try to book online.  If you are registered for a class and your schedule changes so that you cannot attend, please go into your account and cancel the class.  This becomes particularly important for space limited classes such as TRX, Spinning and the GT Circuit (utilizing treadmills).

Step 7 – Have fun!