Eureka! Expanding your yoga mind


Have you experienced eureka lately? That aha! moment, when something just clicks and it all makes sense.

It’s wonderful.

Depending on your perspective and your setting, these discoveries could happen all the time. They can occur on a small level or lead to enormous epiphanies.

Before yoga, I rarely took note of these fleeting miracles.

Perhaps I was less aware or too immature, but no matter the reason, I am so happy to have them more often now.

It began as a simple cue during practice.  Most likely one that I had heard a hundred times before, but for some reason, at that moment, it all clicked and the cue helped me find a deeper experience in that pose.


Now that I have been actively practicing yoga for more than a decade, I live for those moments and want to string them together as much as I possibly can.

The trick is to stay in tune with what is happening in your mind, body and…yes, your spirit!

For most of us, it takes heaps of practice.
For others it may come with ease.

No matter who you are, the more you check-in with yourself, the more intuitive it becomes. 

This allows you to be open and more receptive to these twinkling flashes.

These days, living with two small children, I notice them happening more often off my mat.  Things click together at unexpected times or – even better – I get to see the aha! moment take happen for someone else. It’s like gold!

When people approach me about starting yoga, they usually come from one of two extremes:

– Either they don’t think it will be challenging enough,
– Or they don’t believe they have enough experience.

(Honestly, if you are asking me about yoga, then you are ready to try it out.)

As a power yoga instructor, in the past, I would have recommended a power class for the more intense athletes. I’d assume they’re looking for a full-body workout with a side of centering.

Then hit me — the muscle-bound sports people should be seeking out a yin or ‘gentle’ class. It will bring balance to their workouts and provide a deep release for their active bodies. And vise versa for those prone to holding back.

For the type A’s out there – the mind & body is constantly moving. So it’s beneficial to do a practice where you can settle your thoughts and relax into a pose over minutes, instead of moving from one pose to the next like you anticipate what is next on your to-do list.

Going slowly can be a huge challenge at first, but I guarantee it will become more natural and your body will reap the rewards of balancing.

For those of you who don’t feel you’re ‘ready’ for a vinyasa flow or hot class, I encourage you to shake things up.

Tune into what your body really needs: Are you holding back? Doubting your strength and abilities?

Try a more challenging class and see how you feel. Make sure to let the instructor know your concerns before class so they can help you find safe ways to stretch your limits.

As yoga becomes more and more popular, ‘being open’ is one of those terms that’s tossed around regularly. Because we hear it so often, the mind can simply dismiss it or disregard the notion.

I simply ask you: Would you like more eureka moments in your life?

They are out there, and they are magnificent.

Make your own magic by opening your mind and expanding your practice.

— Written by Marietta Gregg.

Want to join Marietta for class? Click HERE for the schedule and to sign up.

Marietta trained at Corepower Yoga in San Diego. Through yoga, she’s found an elevated appreciation for health and nutrition through Ayurveda. Yoga has helped her find new perspectives and lead with an open heart. Marietta shares her passion with her students by encouraging them to breathe and reconnect with their inherent strength and inner peace.

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